日本不卡高清免v,在线不卡日本v二区,韩国日本免费不卡在线We protect your rights by making a wide range of information about University of Phoenix available to our students and potential students.

日本不卡高清免v,在线不卡日本v二区,韩国日本免费不卡在线Regulatory information ranges from our research review board and the protection of student records to refund policies, campus safety and services for disabled students.

Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is our research review board formed to protect the interests of students. Read the IRB Mission Statement and Guiding Purposes and Principles for more details.

Disability Services Advisor listing

Each campus has a Disability Services Advisor to serve the needs of students with temporary and permanent disabilities. Locate your advisor on the Disability Services Advisor listing.

Consumer information

The Consumer Information Guide provides consumer information that potential students have the right to request and review. 


Massachusetts regulatory information

日本不卡高清免v,在线不卡日本v二区,韩国日本免费不卡在线Get details for each of our degree programs available to Massachusetts residents.

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