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The admissions process

日本不卡高清免v,在线不卡日本v二区,韩国日本免费不卡在线The first step to becoming a Phoenix is to either apply to the University or complete a Request for Information form. Our enrollment representatives will begin by reviewing your unique background, then we assess your education, work history and finances. We help make the process go smoothly by exploring the best options for you.

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日本不卡高清免v,在线不卡日本v二区,韩国日本免费不卡在线As an enrollment representative, I am available to walk through the entire application process from transferring coursework, explaining the financial commitment, clarifying software/hardware terms of agreement and walking through the eCampus site and University Marketplace.


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日本不卡高清免v,在线不卡日本v二区,韩国日本免费不卡在线Experience University of Phoenix for three weeks without spending a dime.

Extra credit opportunities

Your prior education and valuable real-world experiences could translate into course credit that can help reduce your workload and tuition costs. Explore the options below, and find out how you can apply your accomplishments and expertise toward your University of cityhalo.comcation.

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