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日本不卡高清免v,在线不卡日本v二区,韩国日本免费不卡在线Develop in-demand skills with professional development courses.

Professional development courses

Today’s professionals are always looking for ways to increase their skills and knowledge. This often includes continuing education to stay up to date with current trends and industry changes. Our noncredit professional development courses enable you to broaden your knowledge, stay current and develop new skills that you can immediately apply on the job.

日本不卡高清免v,在线不卡日本v二区,韩国日本免费不卡在线Our professional development courses award Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Units (PDUs) which might help you certification or recertification requirements. They are available online and often at an accelerated pace to more easily accommodate busy schedules.

日本不卡高清免v,在线不卡日本v二区,韩国日本免费不卡在线Taking a professional development course online can help you grow in your field and position you to take advantage of exciting opportunities.  We offer convenient courses in topics such as Management and Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, Human Resources or Business Operations. Our noncredit professional development courses feature:

  • An innovative and convenient online format.
  • Frequent, year-round start dates.
  • Small class sizes for more personal guidance.
  • Guidance from faculty who are experienced professionals.

As a student you will have access to a network of support, helpful online tools and career resources that can help you match your education to your career goals. This includes writing assistance through the Center for Writing Excellence and math help through the Center for Mathematics Excellence.

日本不卡高清免v,在线不卡日本v二区,韩国日本免费不卡在线Take professional development courses online, from the convenience of your computer, whenever it fits into your schedule. You can enroll in noncredit courses for personal and professional growth or to explore a new area of interest.

We strive to make continuing education possible, even for the busy professional. View our course schedule, request information or call 866.484.1815 to get started today.

Featured Courses

日本不卡高清免v,在线不卡日本v二区,韩国日本免费不卡在线These courses are designed for working professionals seeking to enhance their skills and prepare for new opportunities.

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Professional development courses are not credit-bearing and are not eligible for federal financial aid. Students intending to use courses to satisfy continuing education or professional development requirements are responsible for determining whether courses taken at University of Phoenix will satisfy such requirements. In addition, none of this coursework is eligible to be converted into academic credit at University of Phoenix.

While widely available, not all courses are available in all locations or in both online and on-campus formats. Please check with a University Enrollment Representative.